A Catalyst for Conversation that Leads to Renewed Hearts and Minds

On 7 July, Catholic Religious Australia launched a series of online ‘conversations’ to explore The Light from the Southern Cross Report and to provide an opportunity for reflection and engagement with this landmark document, at a significant time in Church history and in light of the Plenary Council.

Around 150 people from around the country connected online for the first of these exploratory conversations, Mission and Church – amongst whom were Plenary Council members, Religious Leaders and teams, lay leaders in the Church, parishioners, educators, and others interested in the future of the Church.

Each speaker brought a unique perspective: Richard Lennan, co-author of the report, discussed the ecclesiology of Light from the Southern Cross. John Warhurst, also a co-author and a member of the Plenary Council, examined the contribution of the report to the Plenary Council “and beyond.” Melissa Dwyer FDCC, leader of the Canossian Daughters of Charity and a member of the Plenary Council spoke about “building bridges of encounter” through mission, inclusion and hope.

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