Arrangements within church

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Contact Registers

Churches, chapels and Mass centres are required to keep Contact Registers as part of their COVID Safety Plans. This is mandatory.

Any person aged 16 years and over who attends a place of worship, including patrons, staff, volunteers and contractors will be required to register their contact details. The details required for the contact register include:
•     name;
•     contact number;
•     date, and 
•     arrival time at the venue.

Churches, chapels and Mass centres are required to keep the information provided on the Contact Register for twenty eight (28) days.  The WA government will accept information that is either manually recorded or entered electronically onto a digital device or via the SafeWA App. SafeWA can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play.

Caring for each other’s health

  • Persons who feel unwell, who have flu/respiratory symptoms, elevated body temperatures or who have been in contact in the previous fourteen (14) days with persons suspected to have, or who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, are not permitted to enter churches.
  • Those who wish to wear masks when attending Mass are encouraged to do so.
  • Hand sanitizers to be available at each entrance to any church or chapel.
  • Holy Water fonts/stoups in all churches and chapels are to remain empty.
  • Parish newsletters or bulletins should not be re-used. Sufficient copies should be made to ensure that people get copies, but then they must either take them home or dispose of them.
  • Hymnals or shared copies of texts are not to be used.


  • In view of the now long-standing practice of receiving Holy Communion in the hand, all Catholics receiving Holy Communion at Masses celebrated in the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite are very strongly encouraged, out of concern for the health of others including the celebrant and other ministers, to refrain from receiving Holy Communion on the tongue until the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic has passed.
  • Offertory gifts are to be in closed vessels or, where this is not possible, vessels should be appropriately covered.
  • Offertory processions and Gospel processions are to be omitted.
  • The Sign of Peace is to be omitted or given without physical contact.
  • Collections are not to be taken up during the Mass. Churches can install boxes or containers for offerings at the entrance to the church or wherever they decide to be appropriate.
  • All sacred vessels are to be thoroughly washed before and after each Mass.
  • The Precious Blood is not to be shared from the chalice at any Masses and is reserved to the celebrant(s) only. The celebrant and co-celebrants are to receive from the chalice by intinction.
  • All priests and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are to wash their hands in soap and water, or are to use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser both immediately before and immediately after the distribution of Holy Communion
  • A physical distance of 1.5 meters between people in the Communion Procession is to be observed. Churches may wish to dedicate ushers to facilitate the movement of people at the time Communion is distributed.
  • Pews, seats, seatbacks, top rail and kneelers are to be wiped down and sanitised after each Mass.
  • The pulpit, lectern, credence table, ministers’ seats – and anything handled by multiple people is to be wiped down and sanitised after each Mass.
  • Church ushers may need to remind parishioners and the faithful to maintain social distancing whether they are entering a church for Mass.