Experiencing stress and anxiety?

Did you know that stress and anxiety impact a person’s mental health?

Especially in unprecedented times like the current pandemic, it is becoming more important to understand that people’s mental health can be impacted by far-reaching economic and social issues in the global and local communities.

Help is always at hand.

Below are resources, materials, and contacts for those who need help.

Living in Catholic Faith


Think Mental Health

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Speak to our Mental Health FIRST AID (MHFA) Representative

24/7 mental health service

Living in Catholic faith

Below are excerpts from “Do Not Be Afraid” (Mt 14:27),  a dedicated resource for Mental Health Illness ad Outreach from Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC).

“Human Life is sacred; every person is created in Gods image

Human persons are willed by God; they are imprinted with God’s image. Their dignity does not come from the work they do, but from the persons they are. (St. John Paul II, On the Hundredth Year [Centesimus annus].no. 11)”

“Suffering is Redemptive when united to Christ

Suffering is a call to conversion: it reminds us of our frailty and vulnerability.Pope Francis, March 2015″

People with mental health illness have many gifts and talents that add to our life as a community of faith. Each person is recognised with dignity, for whom they truly are, a person created in the image of God.

We are spiritual friends and companions who journey in faith with those who are in need or suffering and who are often isolated by their illness.

As individuals and as Church, we are called to create an environment that represents patience, trust, becoming a safe place for all those in need.


The following are published in “Do Not Be Afraid” (Mt 14:27),  a dedicated resource for Mental Health Illness ad Outreach from Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC).

Jesus, you invite and welcome all to you.

We praise and thank you for inviting and welcoming us to be one with you.

Gently remind and encourage us that we are called to announce the Good News that you teach us; that we are all made in God’s image and we all have unique gifts.

Inspire us to actively invite and welcome all; for when we include everybody in the Body of Christ, we will then be truly one.

Send us your Spirit so that we, the Church, can strive to be a people of compassion and relationship, and a sacred place where our gifts are acknowledged, received and celebrated; for then we can truly proclaim that we are ‘one Body in Christ’.


© Australian Catholic Bishops Conference 2009

Loving God, author of all gifts;

We praise and thank you for all the gifts you have entrusted to us.

Pour out your Spirit upon us so that, true to our baptismal promises, we may form faith communities that recognise and promote the gifts in all people so that we may all share in the mission of Jesus.

Inspire us to be a Church that is welcoming and accepting, and which sees everyone as an expression of Christ.

May our faith communities nurture and commission all members to live our particular gifts as a reflection and imitation of Jesus’ life.

Give us the courage to be the light of welcome in the darkness of exclusion, a voice of gentleness in the wilderness of the unheard and an outstretched hand of love to those longing for community. Amen.

© Australian Catholic Bishops Conference 2004

Blessed are those who don’t have it all together

Blessed are those who have run out of strength, ideas, will power, resolve or energy.

Blessed are those who ache because of how severely out of whack the world is.

Blessed are those who on a regular basis have a dark day in which despair seems to be a step behind them wherever they go.

Blessed are you, for God is with you,

God is on your side, God meets you in that place

Jonathon Blundell (used with permission from ACBC)

I will recall that I am a child of God.

I am one who is created out of Love.

I am chosen, good, holy and have purpose…a task to perform here on earth before I return to the Father.

I deserve to be treated as a person who has value and dignity.

I will embrace my illness or my family member’s illness as a friend this day looking for what it is teaching me about the mystery of God and life.

I will not allow the stigma of mental illness to defeat me this day. I will choose to have power over stigma by detaching myself from the stigma.

I will talk to someone today who will encourage me to see my goodness and holiness as a child of God. Maybe we will share a prayer together for one another.

I will look for humour and reasons to laugh and be happy. Quiet joy will be my goal.

I will read a passage from Scripture or something from a book of devotion, inspiration or spiritual reading that will encourage me to trust and hope in the power and love of God.

I will seek twenty minutes of solitude, silence, prayer this day. If my mind won’t quiet down, if my thoughts keep racing, I will offer that as my prayer to God. If necessary and helpful, I will listen to soothing instrumental music or inspirational/religious music to quiet me and remind me that God is present.

I will walk outdoors marvelling at a sunrise, a sunset, the song of a bird, the soothing colours of nature, the serenity of green grass, a blue sky, the softness of the pastel coloured blossoms and the peaceful waters of a river, lake or creek that ripple and flow. I will remind myself that everything in nature is a reflection of the Creator and pleases the Creator just as it is and so do I just as I am.

I will delight in the knowledge that we are each created different because it is in our differences we make a more powerful and beautiful whole. We reflect a different aspect of the mystery of Life and God. Individually and together we are a Masterpiece.

In God is my hope and my joy. I will give honour, glory and praise to God knowing and trusting what God has in store for me. We do not seek or like suffering but our suffering can make us strong in many ways and more compassionate and loving to others; our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Knowing for sure that although I long for God, God’s longing for me is even greater.

I will rest in that knowledge this day!

“Think Mental Health” by WA Mental Health Commission (MHC)

Government of Western Australia’s Mental Health Commission (MHC) publishes a wealth of resources to help us look after our mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just like physical health, we also have mental health. According to the World Health Organization, mental health is “a state of well-being in which every individual realises his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.”

Keeping our mind healthy is something we should do on a daily basis. It is an important part of your overall health to be able to function well, have meaningful social connections, positive self-esteem and the ability to cope with change.

Continue with the following from MHC’s “Think Mental Health”:

Coping with anxiety and worry caused by COVID-19 Financial worry due to COVID-19 Maintaining your connections during social isolation Talking to your kids about COVID-19 Staying in touch with grandparents and the older adults in your life Wellbeing tips for those who must stay at home Making the most of social isolation If you do need additional support

There are also handy tool and checklist that you can use:

Mental Health Check-Up Tool Mental Health Self-Assessment Checklist

All information being published in this and following sub-pages are reproduced from Mental Health Commission (MHC) for personal or education, and non-commercial use only.

Useful resources

There are many useful resources to help with mental health.

Please note that these are publicly available resources being listed for your convenience. They are not endorsements from our Parish.

Wellbeing resources from the University of Melbourne’s Counselling & Psychological Services

Mental health and wellbeing  resources and  blogs from Blooming Minds

Mental health resources from healthdirect.gov.au

Mental Health First Aid

As part of  Perth Archdiocese initiative and supported by the  Emmanuel Centre, our Parish offers Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) assistance to parishioners and their families, so they can find suitable resources to assist in time of need for people with mental health issues.

By supporting individuals and families holistically and in partnership, we build stronger communities that flourish as a whole. Optimal mental health and wellbeing requires an approach that addresses the whole person, acknowledging their mental, physical and spiritual health equally.

Contact our Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Representative to discuss your needs

Our service is available to registered parishioners of Santa Clara Parish (if you are a parishioner of another Parish, please kindly contact your Parish office).

24/7 Mental Health Services

The following services are listed on https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/mental-health-helplines