Sacristans are entrusted for preparations of the liturgy. All the basic framework for the beautiful and sacred objects that are used and carried out before, during, and after the Mass are looked after by the Sacristans.

Our ways of

Serving the Parish community

  • Their main duty is taking care of the Sacristy (hence the name Sacristan) and the sacred items in the Sacristy. This is the secure area of the church which serves as a holding room for the sacred items used in the Holy Mass. In the sacristy, there is a standing observation of silence.
  • All linens used in the Mass are cleaned and ironed.
  • They make sure the priest has the required collections for the altar. This includes the chalice, cruets, linens, oils, crosses, candles, and celebration bells. All must be kept in pristine condition. The Sacristan also ensures all lamps and candles have sufficient light to last for the entire Mass.

What does it take to be a Sacristan?

  • Must be a regular parishioner approved by the priest to serve in the role.
  • Demonstrate joyful willingness to serve.