We offer a friendly welcoming presence to those coming to worship, providing assistance in securing seating, helping with emergencies, taking up the collection, dissemination of the parish bulletin, and participating in the clean-up of the church after the completion of Mass.

Our ways of

Serving the Parish community

  • On the day, it is a good practice to develop the habit of taking time to prepare for service with quiet prayer and a reflective reading of Scripture.
  • Your ministry should be reflected in your appearance, by being clean and well groomed in your attire.
  • Find different members of the assembly each week at each Mass to bring the gifts to the altar.
  • The offerings of the assembly are collected using collections baskets.
  • Assist with good order at Communion time.

Our quality commitments

  • A practicing Catholic of faith and prayer
  • Enthusiasm for welcoming and greeting all people
  • A person who is responsible and takes this ministry very seriously
  • A person who has the gift of hospitality, service, evangelisation or mercy